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All these dishes are cooked in an authentic tandoor (clay oven).

Jafrani Paneer Tikka

Diced pieces of cottage cheese, onion and green peppers marinated with special yoghurt and saffron based masala.

Tandoori Chicken Half

Chicken with bone marinated in classic tandoori masala with fine yoghurt, mustard oil, spices and chargrilled.

Thulsi Sheek Kebab

Minced lamb delicately flavoured with exceptional herbs, spices & hint of basil chargrilled to deliver authenticity

Chicken Malai Tikka

Diced chicken marinated in a paste of fresh cream, yoghurt, cardamom and cheese skewered and chargrilled.

Chicken Achari Tikka

Chicken thigh pieces marinated in Indian pickely tandoori masala and chargrilled. Known as Chicken Tikka.

Adraki Lamb Chops

Roasted lamb chops marinated in Indian spices with hint of ginger

Salmon Fish Tikka

Fresh juicy chunk of SALMON chargrilled with tandoori spices

Tandoori Sea Bass

Whole Fresh seabass marinated with special tandoori fish masala and chargrilled served with mint sauce.

Tandoori Mix Grill

Mix of tandoori chicken, lamb chops, chicken tikka, malai tikka sheek kebab & prawn tikka served with mint sauce